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New Spring Micro Lots Hit Shelves

Spring is here and with it we have four wonderful new coffees to celebrate!  Each is distinctive and unique, with three of them fully traceable to individual farmers.  Two of them are from our direct relationship with Luis Alberto Balladarez in Nicaragua.  

Nicaragua Aserradero Micro Lot

In the cup it is very sweet, with a creamy body, elegant acidity and notes of grape and vanilla bean.  It is a great "all day" coffee, meaning that it would be enjoyable to drink morning, noon and night.  It would also pair well with dessert.  

Nicaragua La Bendicion Pacamara

In the cup it is very sweet, with a predominate orange citrus and sugarcane flavor.  The body is medium with a more tea like finish and the acidity is sparkling.  There are nice florals in the aromatics and a bit of honey in the flavor.  This coffee drinks much more like a pristine Ethiopian washed coffee than it does what people expect out of Central America.    

Peru La Palma

The Peru La Palma has an elegant acidity and is nicely structured.  The dominant flavor attribute is a really round and lovely orange citrus, with hints of coriander and honey.  The coffee is balanced and has a clean finish.  A truly "All Day" coffee.  

Rwanda Kivu Kanzu

The Kivu Kanzu is a nicely structured coffee with wonderful acidity.  Honey sweetness runs throughout the cup, with stone fruit and even some apple notes coming through as the cup cools.  The finish is laced with cinnamon and spices.  


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