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New Colombia Narino Unveiled

New Colombia NarinoIf the 1000 words expressed by this picture do not make you want to try our new Colombia Nariño, I hope what I write next will convince you!  

The tiny region of Nariño is found in the extreme southwest corner of Colombia.  Running through the center of this region, is a ridge of mountains that has some of the most pristine coffee growing land on the face of the planet.  It is here that we find farmers who routinely produce some of the most balanced and enjoyable coffees in the world.  

Last year we featured a coffee from the tiny town at the heart of Nariño named Pedregal.  It was so well received that I have been waiting all year for the 2014 harvest to arrive so we could find another beauty form that region!  

Though Nariño farmers have been producing coffees that regularly score in the upper 80's and low 90's, they have only recently begun to be properly compensated for their high quality coffees.

This particular Colombia Nariño is part of a special program run by Ban Export and Cafe Imports called 90 Points.  In this program, farmers are financially compensated according to the score of their coffee, with coffees scoring between 86-89 points blended into regional specific lots and coffees scoring 90+ points purchased separately.  The higher the coffee's quality, the higher the price the farmer receives, a movement within our industry that we want to support.  

This coffee is a blended lots of several Narino farmers.  We decided on this coffee because of its drink-ability.  It is a coffee that you can enjoy all throughout the day.  In the cup the first thing that stands out is this coffee's juicy body.  It is big, round and full, with a bright orange fruit flavor that settles towards the back of the palate.  The sweetness is pronounced, with layers of candied sugar and caramel.  A very balanced cup.  

Make this new Colombia your next coffee.  I will not be disappointed!

Coffee of the Month Club March Offering This Week

This week marks our third Coffee of the Month Club offering of the year, a lovely coffee from Peru.  Buttery and smooth with some nice coca in there, this is going to be a crowd pleaser.  If you are in the club, the coffee will be roasted Wednesday and ready to be picked up at our shop after 3PM.  If you pick your coffee up at any of our delivery locations, you can expect to find it there by 4PM on Thursday.  Please plan accordingly. 

Not in the club?  Get an exclusive coffee not offered to the public for just $15 per month.  Need details?  Visit our webpage!



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