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The Carabello Coffee Story Video

Justin & EMily Carabello Tell Their Story

Watch the Carabello Coffee Story

On September 17, exactly one year to the day of our Newport Roastery & Craft Coffee Bar opening, we launched a mini documentary that truly does justice to the mission God has placed in our heart.  Without you, none of this would have been possible.  You have been such a source of encouragement to Emily and I and our staff and want you to see what your support is accomplishing.  

We encourage you to take a moment, gather some friends or family around, and let this move you.  Then share it with everyone you know.  It is on our Facebook page and can be found on Vimeo.   Many bright days are ahead because we are following a dream that originated in the heart of God.  A dream that You are a part of.

We are very grateful for the team at Drive Media House for their tireless effort in making all of this possible!

Director - Micah Simms
Cinematography - Micah Simms
Motion Graphics - Carley Weber
Music - Brandon Weaver
Editors - Micah Simms and Carley Weber
Colorist - Stephen Sargent
Translation - Jordan and Sarah Godbey
Production Company - Drive Media House

Special thanks to all of you who have helped on the project!

Justin and Emily Carabello 




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