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Coffee is a crop!


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Coffee is A Crop, Not A Can of Pop (My Bi-Weekly Rant)
We live in America where we're so used to opening any number of containers on a daily basis and getting the same thing every time.  Entire businesses succeed or fail based on whether or not they can perfect that process.  Well, while a good portion of the American coffee industry functions that way, it's not really how it should be.  
Coffee is seasonal; it's grown once a year in four major growing regions throughout the world. So, that means that at different times throughout the year, different countries are harvesting and exporting their coffee: Ethiopia comes at a different time than El Salvador and the same for Sumatra, etc.  And, every crop year yields a different crop, even though a coffee may be from the same region.  Different means "not the same." 
So, what's my point?  I've decided that I want to buy, roast and brew coffees that are uniquely "in season" and fresh.  I want to celebrate the cycle God created and the fascinating variety that is possible in coffee from year to year and region to region.  That keeps the coffees I offer fresh and at their peak flavor.  I want to enjoy the unique coffees that are in season now, knowing that there will come a point where I will have to say goodbye.  But, fortunately every goodbye is a new opportunity to say hello to a new coffee from a new origin.
Maybe that does something for you, maybe not. Incidentally, that is why roasters have created blends.  A coffee blend creates a unique flavor profile that a roaster attempts to maintain over the course of the year as coffees come and go.  This has its upside, but it can also promote this idea that coffee is like a can of Pepsi, and it is just not true.  Some people want to taste Starbucks House Blend over and over and over and over and over again... Hey, I did for years. Well, I've decided to make a change and stop thinking of coffee as another can of pop, dispensed from a machine. 
I welcome you to enjoy it with me for the amazing seasonal gift God created it to be!


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