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As a company Carabello Coffee has had the opportunity to buy a snow cone machine for a group of people in Nicaragua.  They will start a small business selling these cold treats along the Pan-American highway. 

Our friends had the opportunity to deliver the snow cone machine.  Here is  a letter with the story!  Be blessed!

Dear Carabello Coffee,  
I didn't realize the snow cone machine was from your coffee sales!  How awesome!  I've attached some pictures (the pic of it in FL with all the other is the one in the big cardboard box) of it in action from when we were down there a few weeks ago.  They made a snow cone with sweetened condensed milk and Hershey's syrup poured over it for everyone...yum!  If you haven't heard the story about the sno-cone's machine journey down'll get a kick out of this and God's hand all over it.  

So when we were packing up all the 18 bags, the snow cone machine because of its size would count as 1 piece of luggage.  It came packed in a box inside of a little bit larger box.  The larger box it was packed in exceeded the luggage size limits and the weight was also over the 50lb limit.  When we took it out of the big box and put blankets around the inside to protect it when travelling (since we no longer had the outer box), we measured it and it was EXACTLY the limit for size and EXACTLY 50 lbs with the blankets!  It made it down safely and when we got to customs, it was the one item out of all 18 that was searched!  Which, was the easiest item to search and then package back up. 
Thank you so much for the blessing of this sno-cone machine.  It blessed everyone there....we had some workers working on the playground (digging into the mountain to extend it) and they really enjoyed the cool treat!


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Nice Job! I will use your coffee tips. Blessings – Steve

Posted by Steve Ekblad on May 11, 2011

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