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Carabello Coffee Market Debut A Success

[caption id="attachment_61" align="alignleft" width="1024" caption="First Week at the Anderson Farmers Market"][/caption]

Todays opening market day was a great start to the summer!  Beautiful weather, lots of foot traffic, and plenty of positive feedback on the coffee.  Highlights of the day include the large number of families from our school (MVCA) visiting, selling 11 more t-shirts towards buying the coffee roaster, and a fascinating visit with a northern Italian man who was on the hunt for the perfect espresso bean.  He's giving us a try, and is going to introduce our coffee to his group of Italian friends who have espresso together each week.  We were right next to the entrance so you couldn't miss us! 

It was wonderful to meet so many people in the community and tell them about the vision of Carabello Coffee.  A lot of people really love the idea that we are doing this so we can give money away.  Definitely a large learning curve on set up, take down, the process of talking coffee, brewing, and serving 60+ cups of coffee to the public. 

 Here are some pictures from the day, including our new t-shirts.  So far we have raised more than $200 towards the roaster with the t-shirts, and it is so cool to see some families buy one for every member of their family just to support us!  We definitely walked away feeling loved, supported and encouraged that God is doing something with this little venture we call Carabello Coffee. [gallery]


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