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Iced coffee....

This weekend at the farmers market we will be offering iced coffee, so this week is full of iced coffee experiments.  Which bean, how strong, how much ice, etc.  We are also planning on offering two syrup flavors.  Which two?  I'm thinking hazelnut and vanilla.  What do you think are the most popular/liked flavors? 

We also want to offer a drink that is kid friendly due to being the only licensed beverage person at the market.  But, in order to stay true to the market's mission it should be ideally a locally produced or self produced item.  Fresh squeezed lemonade is our top choice at the moment.  It's so hard to make these decisions.  We don't want to get busy making lemonade and miss out on the whole point of being a the market-selling whole bean coffee! 

This weekend they will have a bike safety "bicycle rodeo" for the kids at the market.  Hope to see you there! 

PS.  We will put in a new order for shirts on Friday, if you want one before we order, let us know at .  We have raised 240 dollars through shirt sales!  Keep the support coming-we appreciate it greatly!



Thanks Aunt Sue! We are trying to decide if lemonade is too far from what our actual goal is…selling whole bean coffee! But if we decide to sell something like that lemonade will definitely be our choice! Thanks for all your input!

Posted by Justin Carabello on June 03, 2011

Congrats on the great debut. Talked to Nancy about the lemonade idea. It’s super easy to do and a huge money maker. Another good idea is a fruit smoothie. You would just need a blender or two and some fresh fruit and ice. I’m sure you could find recipes on the internet. Another thought would be a coffee/ice cream type of concoction, similar to a frappe. Kids would love those. The whole key in this type of business is to keep it simple with only a few steps so you can move the line fast. I’d be happy to talk to you if you want any tips or need any advice. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.


Posted by Sue Ruckdeschel on June 02, 2011

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