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Roaster fundraising...

Ok, so we need $9,000 for our roaster right?  Well, praise the Lord it's really getting there!  We have had three donations of $1,000 dollars each-isn't that amazing??  Then, we've sold over $300 worth of t-shirts, sold $970 worth of things around our house so that puts us at $4,270 towards it so far.  I still have a brand new kiln for sale, and if I could sell that we'd be even closer!  Anyone know any artists who might want it? 

Here's Justin's weekly update for you: 

Summer is here, and with it comes that beloved glass of iced coffee we all know and love.  Whether you doctor it up with syrup and tons of cream or like it straight, for us coffee lovers, iced coffee is where it’s at when the thermometer begins to read 85+ degrees. 

Yesterday I made up a little blend of 40%Guatemala, 40% PNG and 20% Yirgacheffe, brewed it double-strength in my Clever Coffee Dripper and drained it into a glass full of ice – wonderful!  If you are not going to let the coffee completely chill before serving it is important to brew it stronger than you normally would – Starbucks uses double the grounds, and if I’m dumping it right into ice while the coffee is still hot, so do I.  However, if you’re anything like my father-in-law, brew it normally and double the flavored creamer! 

Hint: If you make some coffee ice cubes you won’t have to double up the strength when you brew it!  That will also save you some $$ as double the grounds equals double to cost per cup.  OK, I just saved you some money; I think that deserves a thank you. :)

Practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment.  Once you get the measurements where you enjoy it, you’ll be smiling all summer long!


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