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The whirlwind...

This week is a total whirlwind.  We are madly getting ready for our trip to Nicaragua, packing, cleaning, planning, paying bills, and all that goes along with international travel.  Remembering where you so carefully put your passport :)  We have been so blessed by all our friends, and have now raised enough to cover all our expenses.  We have been able to buy art supplies, toiletries, medicines and books to deliver when we are down there.  We also have about $400 to give away to needs that we see while we are there. 

Anyway, this past week at the Farmer's market was our first rainy one.  It wasn't the greatest, but we actually did really well thanks to our faithful regulars!  And, thank you to those of you who showed up rain or shine, and to those who surprised us by giving towards our trip!  One nice thing about coffee is...if it's raining, people like hot coffee, and if it's hot, people like iced coffee, so at least it fits all seasons!  We have SO enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people at the market so far, and really are sad to miss this coming Saturday!  Here's some photos of last weeks rainy market. 

Roaster update:  We are still looking for a permanent home for our roasting business, but have several promising leads.  Thanks to all of you who have been keeping your eyes and ears open for us.  When we get back we are going to be focusing on finding some distribution points for the new Anderson customers.  You have to be able to get your coffee when the market is over!  :)[gallery link="file"]

The second photo is of our most recent fundraising event.  One of our friends sold bags of coffee to help her pay her way for an upcoming internship.  Way to go on the cute labels Hollie! 

We will put something up from our trip if we get to go to any coffee farms or have any news, but if you are interested in just knowing about our trip, you can view our blog at


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