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Awesome day!

Thanks for all the support today at the market.  We sold the most bags of coffee yet this summer!  The more we sell, the more we can give!  (And, pay off that roaster!) 

Many of you have asked about retail locations.  We are working on these!  We definitely want to make sure you can get your coffee after the market is over in September.  We have been accepted at Susans' Natural Food world, and are working with a local bike shop (more info to come) to get our coffee in there.  Now we are working on literature to hang so that people know who we are and why we roast. 

Several people at the market have asked us a very valid question:  "Why don't you offer real cream at the market?"  Well I'm here to answer that!  We are liscensed to sell coffee and other beverages, but not dairy products.  The US government requires more strict rules for people who are selling and using products made with dairy.  This would cost us a lot more money as well as requiring us to have a three bay sink at the market.  Ha!  So, we are stuck with shelf-stable creamers until a local dairy shows up at the market and will share with us.  That's the story!

Thanks to all of you who are spreading the word about Carabello Coffee.  Word of mouth is our biggest advocate!  Get your office to start serving delicious coffee...they won't regret it!


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