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Carabello Coffee in the Big Apple!

One thing we enjoy doing is checking out what other coffee companies are up to when we are on vacation.  It is inspiring to see the high quality and makes us excited to keep growing this company! 

For those of you who are not coffee geeks, Stumptown Coffee Roasters  are amazing roasters in New York City.  We had the chance to go to their shop yesterday, and it was incredible!  They are top shelf for sure!  We met a wonderful lady working there named Jamie who hooked us up with some cold brewed coffee in these sweet little bottles.  We took them along with us to Central Park where we tried to buy some ice.  But, the vendor wanted to charge us $5 for a cup of ice.  HA.  right.  So, we just drank one anyway!  Cold brewed, as opposed to hot brewed coffee tastes so different!  It is very strong!  The marketing and packaging at Stumptown is unbelievably beautiful.  Check out that sweet little carrying case it comes in. 

We also stopped by a coffee cart called Blue Bottle Coffee.  We planned our whole day around hunting out some of these roasters we have read so much about!  Get this-they ONLY sell beans that have been roasted within the last 48 hours to ensure freshness!  We found their mobile cart on a fabulous park called High Line Park.  It is on an old railroad track that is high above the ground.  They are slowly rejunivating it, and it was my personal favorite part of all of NYC that we saw!  They had gourmet popscicle stands, artists, amazing gardens, walking paths and at the very end, a food truck hub.  All using an old abandoned railroad track!  Talk about trash to treasure!  Check out the scenes...

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