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This week is a very busy one for us at Carabellocoffee!  We have a list as long as our arm of things we need to do before school starts again that will allow this business to grow more effectively.  We are working on getting our newsletter system streamlined, getting an accountant to help us, and getting an online shopping cart up and running.  So much stuff to do and try to enjoy the summer a little too!  :)

This past week had a very exciting end to the farmer's market....a HUGE downpour of rain.  We had only a few minutes of warning, and despite our efforts to pack up quickly, our selves and our tent were completely soaked through.  We had about 1/2 inch of standing water in our hatchback by the time we got home.  But, it was kind of fun!  At least we were not hot anymore!  After so much heat and humidity, it was honestly refreshing!  But, this cutting the market short definitely lessened the amount that we were able to sell.  Oh well, there are lots more weeks!


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