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Royal Coffee

Last week when we were in NYC, we had a chance to drive to Jersey City, NJ (a not that attractive place) to go to the Royal Coffee warehouse.  This was a humorous experience!  Amongst the semi trucks, we pulled up in a Volkswagon Jetta, and we asked them to load up the 3o0 pounds of coffee into the trunk and backseat.  They obliged, and as ridiculous as I felt taking a picture of this, I did it anyways, because it was funny :)  So, here's the photos!  The men helping us were speaking Spanish, and I'm sure they were saying that we were nuts. 

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Green coffee and burlap do NOT smell good after sitting in a hot parking garage all day. 

It's hot, it's been hot, and it's going to be hot.  Don't let it stop you from coming to the market!  Last week we had to end early due to the fact that there was a sudden downpour.  WE GOT SOAKED.  But, it actually was sort of refreshing after sweating all day.


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