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New coffees this week!

Some of you may remember the amazing dry-processed Ethiopian coffee we had a few months ago - y'know, the one who that lady in South Carolina ended up keeping it by her bed so she could smell it upon waking up in the middle of the night?  Well, we are introducing a new Ethiopian Harrar this week that has all the same ultra flavorful and aromatic trappings of that coffee.  In fact, the first time I sampled it last week I walked away saying, "this stuff is like drinking liquid candy!"
For those of you who enjoy being coffee adventurists, prepare to meet one heckuva Ethiopian Harrar.  As many of you may already know, eastern Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee.  And a good Harrar region coffee is, to this day, considered by much of the coffee world to be one of the most sought after beans you can get your hands on. 
There are a number of factors that have made excellent Harras difficult to come by.  One is that drought continues to plague Eastern Ethiopia, making growing just about anything difficult.  Another is the fact that a drug called Kat has become increasingly desired in Yemen and other surrounding countries, and farmers can earn exponentially more by selling kat than they can coffee.  Hence many farmers have sadly uprooted their heirloom coffee plants and replanted their farms with kat, a blow to coffee lovers everywhere.  Sadly, this is a perfect example of what happens when one part of the world is preoccupied with figuring out how to afford feeding their families and the other with consuming their danties at the lowest bargain price possible.  Finally, the greed of the Ethiopian government continues to get in the way of the flow of the coffee by implementing regulations that secure their cut of the money while making the selling of coffee more difficult for the producers. 
Nevertheless, we have ourselves a wonderful "Queen City" Harrar from Nine Brothers Trading that I am excited for you to try.  So, be sure to check out our "this week's coffee" tab before deciding which coffee you'd like to order this time around.  Hope you find a new favorite :)


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