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Green Dog Cafe

So, this morning we headed to Green Dog Cafe (on Columbia Parkway near Moksha Yoga) to check out how our coffee was doing there.  You have never had a buscuit better than the ones they sell on Sunday mornings!!  As fate would have it, when we asked what coffee they were brewing, they said-"well, normally it's Seven Hills, but we are brewing this new stuff right now that the owner wants us to try."  And, he holds up a bag of our coffee.  We watched the last drop drip in, and strangely enough were served the first cup of our coffee that they served there!  I wish I would have had my camera! It was brewed perfectly, and we were glad for that!  The signage still has to be worked out, but we wanted to encourage you to PLEASE go to Green Dog and tell them you are happy about their coffee choice!  Order a cup, and enjoy!  We will give a free 1/2 pound of coffee to the first person to take a picture of themselves drinking our coffee there who emails it to us at  Get going!


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