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Will I ever be a real coffee roaster?

Justin and I have an on going little joke.  Almost every night for months last year he would say to me before going to bed..."Do you think I'll ever be a real coffee roaster?"  And, I would inevitably say "Yes! Of course you will!"  This became some what of an evening tradition between us.  Well, I'm humbled and honored to say...we are "real" coffee roasters!  We got to move our roaster into a real live cafe yesterday, and all went well.  The guys helping us didn't drop it, and they served our coffee at their cafe last night.  The cafe was full of people listening to live music, and we got several compliments on the coffee. 

One man came up and said "I have been all over the world, and everywhere I go I drink coffee...and THIS is good coffee."  Hooray!  The kind of crazy thing is that we moved our coffee roaster exactly one year from the day we moved to Newport.  When we moved to Newport, we had just had a deal with buying a roaster fall through, and we didn't know what we were going to do.  God does amazing things! 

Yesterday was the last day of the Farmers Market for us for this season.  Although it was raining which was a bummer, the reality is cold weather makes people want to drink more coffee!  So, we did well despite the dreary weather. 

Other news: Keegan's has decided to sell our coffee for $11 per bag so those of you who live near Salem can now pick it up from him for the same price as getting it from us. 

Also, the profit from the bags sold at the Velocity Bike and Bean will still be given away, not kept by the owners.  They were kind enogh to work that out with us because they understand that our customers want that, and so do we! 

Enjoy some pictures! [gallery link="file"]


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