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New "roof top" Columbian coffee

You guys are in for a real treat.  For months, I've been cellaring 35lbs of a very special coffee, waiting for just the right time to share it with you.  That time has come, and I'm very excited to offer you a coffee that was produced by a single family deep in the jungle of Colombia... on top of their roof!  I'm calling this coffee "Roof Top Colombian."
Meet Maximo Gutierrez and his family, small-holder coffee farmers in Colombia.  This year the Gutierrez family grew, nurtured, harvested and processed 600lbs of coffee - a very small amount.  For me, their coffee epitomizes the kind of personal connection I want us to experience when we go to drink a cup of coffee.  I know, maybe it's going a little too far to get people to think of some random family living in the jungled mountains of South America when they're half asleep as they pour their coffee in the morning.  But look at the attached pictures.  How much closer can you get to your coffee farmer without boarding a plane? 
So, if you love the idea of a relationship being attached to a product you're consuming, this is your chance to enjoy something truly unique in the coffee world.  While it is not a "knock your socks off" flavor profile, you will be one of maybe 600 people in the entire world to drink it?  Yes!
In the cup you can expect a good, solid cup of Colombian coffee.  Known for their balance and full body, this will not be a wimpy cup of java.  The varietal is yellow caturra and will have some definite sweetness to it.  The complexity is lively and the new flavors will emerge as it cools.  I can pretty much guarantee you that Juan Valdez never brought anything this good to market!


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