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Planning for a grand opening...

We hope to have a grand opening to invite all our wonderful customers to on a weekend in November before Thanksgiving.  We'll keep you posted...  we need to wait until the remodel is done.  A hole is now cut into the wall and our graphic designer is designing some signs, so we are half way there.  I could have SWORN I took a picture of the hole in the wall...but um...apparently I didn't or someone secretly deleted it off my camera.  Anyway, we'll keep you posted. 

One of my weekly jobs is to stamp each of the bags, and tie a bunch of our tags to go onto the bags for sale.  Not exciting, but necessary.  This week my in laws were gracious enough to help me, and I won't have to tie any tags for weeks! 

 The shop recently added a whole bunch of gift items that are made overseas by women who have been rescued from prostitution, or who are working there to stay out of it.  Come check it out! 


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