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Who do we support?

So, I was realizing this week that I have been quite remiss in telling you who we support with this business.  So, I thought some pictures would be a smart idea!  There is an orphanage in Somoto, Nicaragua that between 17-25 children live in.  The building is not quite finished, but they live in it anyway, and they are very close to being done-Praise God! They are adding the floor tiles and doors right now, and the electricity will soon be checked by the government.  There are also several teenage/young adult volunteers that work there for only food and room.  There are very few job opportunities for them, and believe it or not, room and board is better than many other options.  But, we are trying to raise enough money to be able to pay them!  Our hope is that we will be able to fund some microbusinesses through the volunteers and neighboring people that will make them enough money to be self sufficient someday!  Our first efforts are these coffee bag laptop bags and purses.  These sewing machines were purchased for them, and are foot powered, so they require no electricity. 

We hope that the money from these bags can be used to pay the volunteers at least a little each month!  If you are interested in purchasing a bag to support this venture, please email us at and we can hook you up! 


We are getting very excited about our upcoming open house!  1 1/2 weeks away!  If you have not rsvp to us via facebook or email it would be helpful so we can know how much coffee/desserts to have available.  We have some great music planned from 7-9 and our friend Alex will be making delicious desserts available for purchase!


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