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Sweetest shirt ever

So, about a year ago, Justin and I saw the sweetest shirt of a coffee roaster in an advertisement.  We knew, he had to have that shirt.  Only one little problem, the person wearing that shirt was in Lima, Peru.   So, last Christmas I went on a Google wild goose chase attempting to figure out where the shirt could be purchased.  After several hours, I eventually discovered that it was made by Cafe Verde in Lima, Peru, and that their website did not sell them.  I was defeated, and set it aside.  

THEN!  A faithful customer mentioned off handedly that he had to travel to Lima, Peru for work last week.  LIGHTBULB moment!  Justin found the exact address of the cafe for him, and asked him if he could get this shirt if he happened to be near by the cafe.  He accepted the mission.  And, much to our surprise, Justin is actually the proud owner of a roaster shirt from Peru!  Hooray!   

In other news, we are madly preparing for our grand opening/open house this Saturday, that we hope you will plan to attend!  Open house from 3-9, music from 7-9 and roaster demo at 6.  Desserts and coffee drinks for purchase.  Justin plans to set up a pour over drip bar to introduce our new Kenyan "Winter Song" coffee.  If you've never had coffee made this way, you are in for a real treat!  We have been painting cabinets to install, and tomorrow we will be painting the walls of our little roasting area! 

And, I (Emily) have been learning the skill of pulling shots of espresso, and making drinks!  Here I am drinking the first latte that I made completely on my own.  I was a second try, because the first one had lots of coffee grounds accidentally in it :)  But, I'm getting better!  It's fun to be able to make my own!!!      


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