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Girl Army

This weekend marked what we like to call our first "real" fundraiser.  We did a fundraiser for a homeschool co-op that went out and sold over 300 bags, and we roasted them ALL this weekend.  We also had to roast our regular orders as well as many Christmas orders, which meant 12 hours of roasting, bagging, and organizing orders this weekend.  We knew there was no way we could accomplish this ourselves, and so we asked a small army of girls we know to help us.  They came by fours on Saturday and Sunday, and we are SO grateful for their help!  I greatly underestimated how much work this would be, and would have been up all night without them. 

We had to stamp 400 bags, tie 300 tags, (we ran out!! total oversight...oops...learning curve!)  bag them, grind hundreds of bags, and then get them all organized into who ordered what...and see if what we roasted matched up in the end!  Thank the Lord it did, and now we know more of what to be prepared for next time we do a fundraiser.  The co-op earned $800 towards their tuitions, and we earned $150 towards buying a bike for the volunteers who work at the orphanage in Nicaragua-woo hoo!  We hope to deliver this bike this December when we go in a few weeks. 

If any of you ever want to volunteer your time to help us, we can always use it! 


Also, the fair trade market that is happening this weekend is up online if you want to come check it out!



We can’t wait to meet you and your girls!

Posted by carabellocoffee on December 15, 2011

Hi guys! I’m Tiffany McCormick’s younger sister and I just so happened to have given birth to a small army of girls myself. We live in the Northern Kentucky area if you ever need any extra hands I’m sure this is something my girls would like to do. We are big, is that a word? Anyhoo….email me if you’d like! I’m going to look around on your blog a little more.

Posted by Mandy on December 13, 2011

Hello! I just emailed you Mandy!

Posted by carabellocoffee on December 13, 2011

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