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Photos from Amy

There was a photographer using Velocity Bike and Bean for her photos on Saturday, and while she was there, she took a few photos for us.  They are fun!  Thought I'd share a few! There are more on Velocity Bike and Bean's facebook as well.  You can check out her site at  or you can check out the photos taken at Velocity here  :)  Do you ever look at a photo and"m a goober.  Well, that's what this photo makes me think.  And...has my nose always had that bump in it?  That's totally hereditary, but my mother always told me "you are lucky you don't have the Scudder nose."  She lied!  Ha. 
We have to do a mid week roast tonight due to the large Christmas volume of coffee being ordered.  But, that's a good thing!  We are madly trying to figure out all of our gifts, who gets what, and when do we have to send it by.  I folded and sealed my Christmas cards in the car while we were driving home from work.  It's that kind of year! 
We are excited to let you know that we have $350 towards buying bicycles for the volunteers at the orphanage in Nicaragua.  Bikes are huge for them, and save them an enormous amount of time walking.  Let us know if you have any hotel sized shampoo or conditioner or soap you would donate to us, we can take that and make gifts with them! 

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