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Coffee update

HELP Homeschool Fundraiser A Success

We're pleased to announce that families who participated in the fundraiser we just completed with the HELP Homeschool COOP in Milford raised $800 toward their Spring semester tuition.  On top of that, the fundraiser earned $155 additional dollars that will go toward a community bicycle for the Jardin del Ninos orphanage we will be visiting later this month.  Over the weekend we roasted and bagged 311 bags of coffee for them - no small undertaking!  So congratulations to all the HELP families that participated.  And if you are involved with an organization that needs a good fundraiser, please think of us.

Don't Mess With the Pipsqueak!

I'm introducing a new coffee that we have affectionately named "The Pipsqueak" just in time for last minute Christmas orders.  The coffee is El Salvador San Joaquin Peaberry.  We sold it as part of the fundraiser, and I'm super impressed with this little guy.  For those of you who don't know, a peaberry is a common genetic mutation of the coffee bean.  Typically each coffee cherry contains two similarly shaped "beans" inside of a pod -  much like the pit of a cherry.  However, when there is only one "bean" inside that pod it is called a peaberry because it is slightly smaller than normal and more rounded, giving it the appearance of a pea.  Other than its appearance, nothing is really different about it than a normal shaped coffee bean. 

But when a producer decides that they want to offer a peaberry coffee it means a LOT of manual labor for the people who sort through the coffee.  Believe it or not, this process is done by hand - no special machines here.  Yes, I have a 150lbs sack of tens of thousands of peaberries that have been hand separated from their more common bean brethren.  And that's part of what makes these coffees special.  In that sorthing process many more defects are able to be removed, resulting in a superior cup.  Most peaberry offerings tend to be pretty good coffees, and this one holds its own for sure. 

Expect some chocolatety notes and a real nice smooth body from this coffee.  El Salvador takes the heat pretty well, so we're going medium dark on this one.  I think there is a nice chocolate nuttiness in this coffee and I've enjoyed sipping on it the past few days.


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