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I need sleep!

We have been very excited at the outpouring of Christmas orders this month!   I believe when it is all said and done, we will have roasted somewhere around 600 bags this month!!!  When you consider that last December it was certainly not about 150, this is amazing!  We roasted and bagged until about 11 pm last night, and get to do it for a few more hours again this evening.  Thank you to Tyler, a new friend who found us on facebook and came over to help us!  That was really kind of you! 

We traveled to Wisconsin for a wedding this past weekend, and spread some coffee love around up there.  And, despite how I feel about the winter here (negatively)  it actually made me very thankful for the winters here! It was about 12 degrees there, and it's not even really getting going yet.  No thanks! Not for me!  But, the wedding was beautiful, and I survived another round of flying.  Although I very much enjoy traveling and seeing new places in the world, I do not enjoy flying!  I keep hoping that will change...but it doesn't so I use dramamine and try to sleep. 

We only have one week until we leave for Nicaragua!  We are so excited!  And...can't believe how much we have to pack and prepare before then!  The school kids are bringing in lots of great gifts,and making cards for the kids, and we have enough money to buy two bikes for the volunteers.  A door has opened for us to teach a one day seminar on marriage as well.  I think I'm most excited about giving out the gifts and seeing the coffee being harvested.  Once I have seen this, I'll have seen the whole process.  Growing on the shrub, to pulling a shot for a latte! 

We hope that your Christmas season is going well, and pray that you have time to relax and enjoy your family and friends.  God bless!


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