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Safely in Nicaragua!

Hello!  I write you from Nicaragua, where the local parrots are doing their best to make sure no one gets any sleep, and it is apparently common to set off fireworks all night near Christmas to celebrate!  We are happy to be here, and today we get to go to the coffee farm and discuss how we can partner with the owner to meet some needs in his community.  If you drink the Nicaraguan coffee we have been offering, then this is the same farm.  He is supposed to show us the difference between dry process and wet process, which will be nice to understand.

It should be an interesting day!  We have no idea how to dress, what to expect, or what food will be served to us.

The driving here is such an insane experience.  Ok, so first imagine a freeway with one road each way, and the speed limit is about 55.  Then add in copious amounts: bikes with no lights or helmets or reflector tape, pèople riding horses, wandering cows, scooters, motorcycles,carts, semi trucks, cars,  children, and pedestrians.  There is no sidewalk, and not much of a shoulder, so it´s all just every man for himself.  We are in the beautiful, lush mountains, and there are no street lamps.  How anyone rides their bike in the dark with flip flops on and no light, and usually more than one person on the bike and survives is beyond me!  We had a three hour drive with 5 of us in the smallest car ever, but at least until dark there was a lot to look at.

Last night we ate Papusas for dinner with are tortillas with cheese and beans inside.  We avoid the hot sauce and cabbage that they traditionally serve on them after being warned that it doesn´t work well for foreigners!

The air in the city of Managua, that we fly into, but do not stay in is the worst I´ve ever breathed. It makes your throat hurt, and eyes hurt, and it´s hard to take a deep breath due to all the leaded gas used, and the unbelievable amount of school buses and trucks.  I don´t think anyone with asthma should try to come here!

So, we are going to take a million pictures and videos today at the farm so we can hopefully upload a bunch this evening.  But, I did want to let you know we are here.  Please pray for us to know how to best help people by the end of this trip so we can know what Carabello Coffee can do to be of the most help.


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