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Today was amazing!

This is Emily-Justin will be writing a post as well and we´re trying to get our photos to upload.  We got  a new camera to take some videos and are trying to figure it out.

Ok, so today we went to a coffee farm and got a tour of the whole process from picking to drying.  I now feel like I don´t drink coffee because I love it, I drink it because I respect it.  It is absolutely insane the amount of man power and work it takes to get a coffee berry from the bush to your cup.  We saw them spreading the coffee out on acres of concrete to dry for several days.  They rerake them 7 times a day for about a week to get them to 12% moisture.  We saw them hand sorting the coffee for defects.  We saw the tiny holes that a worm makes in low altitude coffee that ruins the coffee.  It was so amazing!

We also had the pleasure of spending the day with the coffee farmer.  Why he would set aside an entire day and give us a tour I do not know!  But, he did, and we are thankful for that!  I know that the Lord has blessed us with seeing things that much of the world will never see, and for that I am humbled.


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