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Sleeping Inside a Coffee Bag

This is Justin!

Today was a very happy day.  We joined Pastor Carlos and the Kids of Cascabel family to celebrate the high school graduation of Carlos´ daughter Jensey.  There was special music, the breaking open of piñatas, gifts give to the chidren from many of you in Cincinnati, even a Nicaraguan mariachi band - a Christian one at that!  There were smiles all around.  And yet, there was one special moment that "made the tears come" as my Nana used to say.

As part of the gradution ceremony, Pastor Carlos shared some of his boyhood testimony.  And when he started talking about how he never had a bed to sleep on growing up and how he never ever had a blanket and would crawl inside of a coffee bag at night to sleep, the tears began to come.  Here was a man God is using to help many hundreds if not thousands of people here, standing in front of me, sharing his humble past.

He spoke of not having any pencils, of having not gone past the fourth grade, of his father lighting their only food on fire in a drunken rage and of his sister sewing together notebooks and sending them to him from Managua so he would have paper... And yet here he is, a man whom God has raised up out of the dung hills of Nicaragua, a prince among men, a man after God´s own heart, giving God the glory for his daughter accomplishing something that he never had the chance to do - complete high school and go off to college...  Yes, it made the tears come.

How many of us have given God all the glory for their children accomplishing such an ordinary thing in our nation as graduation from high school?

Yes, today was good food for my soul.  Today my heart was softened.  And, as I walked away, I was inspired by and in awe of the goodness of our God.  It is good for the soul to be reminded that there really is nothing impossible for our infinitely merciful God.  And even when we hear of some little mountain boy who has no bed, who sleeps inside of a coffee bag, fearing the anger and drunkennes of his crazed father, even then we can dare to believe that God will raise that little boy up to impact his nation.

With much love and a softer heart,

I remain, Your Brother,



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