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Take a shower!

I had the craziest shower two days ago...So, the water here comes through something that is lovingly called a ¨"widow maker."  It is an electric thing that the water passes through and gets warm.  But, having electrical cords in the shower is a harrowing experience.  Last trip it shocked me each time I turned it off or on, and so I refuse to do so.  It never shocks Justin for some reason.  But, this time, it just didn´t work at all and the water was arctic.  I avoided the shower as long as possible, but had to give in.  As I stood there shivering, Justin thought of the brilliant idea of shooting the blow dryer at me while showering...sounds great!  So, one half of me was getting warm while one side was freezing.  Needless to say, I didn´t really get all that clean.  So, we moved rooms, got a nice warm shower...and then it stopped working that´s all the warm showers for us this week! Justin is teaching a three segment teaching about marriage.  This is the topic they requested, and so that´s what he is doing!  It will be from 9-3 today and we would covet your prayers.  We really want people´s hearts to be touched.  The marriages here are fraught with infidelity and we know God has a better plan!


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