The Story of Finca Un Regalo de Dios

Looking for some inspiration?  Read on...

As we left Mozonte and began to travel up the mountainous dirt road, Luis began to tell us the story of finca Un Regalo de Dios.  The more he explained, the more I understood the significance of him naming it "A Gift from God.¨

Back in 2008, Luis was already doing very well in the coffee business.  And, because of his success he was in a position to loan many local farmers and businessmen money to help with their operations.

One night, as he was contemplating purchasing the farm we were on our way to visit, he had a dream.  In the dream, God confirmed that he should buy the farm.  So, as he moved forward in the price negotiations, God spoke to him again and told him that He was giving Luis the farm. But, as part of the transaction, God wanted Luis to forgive the debts of all the local businessmen who owed him money.

One farmer alone owed him $100,000!

At first, he was somewhat taken back by this.  But, placing his trust in God, he obeyed and forgave all the outstanding debts that were owed him.   Can you believe it?

Here´s where it really gets interesting.  When Luis took out a loan to buy the farm, coffee was selling for $1.25 USD per pound on the NY Stock Exchange.  But over the next 12 months, the price of coffee soared to $3.13 USD per pound.  So, when Luis went to sell his first crop from the farm they made so much money that they were able to pay off the entire farm that first year!  And still have money left over to put back into the business.

In that moment it was clear to Luis that the farm truly was A Gift from God.  And all that debt he forgave?  To see the power and faithfulness of God at work in his life made it all worth it.

This man´s faith inspires me.