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Roasting into the New Year

Dickens' classic line from the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities seems a most apperpeaux description of our second year of business:  "It was the best of times..."  I can hardly imagine a more enjoyable and satisfying year than the one we've had, or a better ending to it than seeing the beginning of the coffee harvest up close and personal with the owner of an award-winning farm in Nicaragua.  Every once in a while I think to myself, "is this really happening?"  And it's funny to me that, not too long ago, I used to lie in bed at night and ask Emily, "Do you think I'll ever be a real coffee roaster?" 
Yes, today we are real coffee roasters.  But better than that, we are roasters with a purpose that's bigger than the coffee itself!  This December alone we were able to help give away or raise over $1,500 for compassionate causes. 
  • 30 families at HELP Homeschool COOP earned $800 in tuition credit through a fundraiser
  • MVCA Fine Arts Boosters raised $200+ through December coffee sales
  • Several customers gave a total of $350 for us to purchase three bikes for the volunteers at the Kids of Cascabel Orphanage in Nicaragua
  • $163 was sent to a mom who is going on a missions trip to Africa in 2012
  • Voice of the Matryrs & ACLJ both received over $200 in support from our sales
  • and more... 
All from YOU and others like you drinking our coffee!  Yes, it has been THE BEST OF TIMES this year.  And what's even cooler is that it looks like it is only going to get better in 2012.  
So stay tuned for some exciting news in future emails.  There are some recent developments that I am stoked to tell you about.  But for today I just wanted to get this out to you and tell you how blessed Emily and I are to have such amazing people as all of you for friends and customers.  Thank you for opening your heart to our mission.  We pray that God will richly bless you for it!
Need More Coffee?  
This weekend we will be roasting again.  While many of you doubtlessly received a grand stash of coffee for Christmas, I realize that there are others of you who have been brewing coffee round the clock as you entertain family and firends and are running low.  We just restocked the shelves at Velocity and Keegan's so check it out if you need some! 
Introducing a New Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Sidamo
Sounds like a mouthful, and it is!  Introducing our first offering of 2012, a beautiful fully washed Ethiopian Sidamo.  This will not be anything like the Harrar we recently ran out of.  It is going to be a more refined cup with some really nice herbal tea and spice notes.  As I've been enjoying it this week that is what struck me most.  (Have I told you how much I love Ethiopian coffees?)  The Sidamo region is on the western side of the country and has access to a good amount of water.  Therefore they use that water in their processing, which results in a much cleaner and refined flavor profile than the wild and fruity Harrar.  It is fascinating to me that such distinctly different coffees can come from the same country.  We are going to have this coffee around for a few months, so, whether now or later, I hope you try some.  

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