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New Coffees have arrived!

This morning more than 1,000 pounds of new coffees left the Royal Coffee warehouse in Wisconsin and headed our way.  On board are three new offerings that are going to be tons of fun to drink and learn about.  We have an Indonesian from the island of Sulawesi, a Burdundi from central Africa and a Peru from the western side of South America.
Each of these coffees just landed in North America and is quite distinct from the others.  I just love the fact that we can bring in coffees from such distant places like an island in the far east, a land-locked African nation and the foothills of the Andes mountains.  Tasting them side by side and experiencing what sets each apart will be enjoyable.
So coffee lovers, fasten your seat belt and get ready for a change in the line-up over the next few weeks!  We just sold out of the El Salvador and the Nicaraguan isn't far behind.  We'll be keeping the Honduran and Addicting Liquid Blend around, and these new coffees will be showing up momentarily!
Check out the "this weeks' coffee tab" for all the newest coffee offerings!

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