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Psyched About Sulawesi Toraja

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This week we unveil our first of three new coffees: Sulawesi Toraja.

As most of you know, our philosophy is that there is way too much great coffee out there to limit ourselves to offering the same coffees month after month.  We want you to be coffee adventurists; to enjoy and appreciate the breadth of what’s out there in the coffee world.  We want to help you develop a discerning palette, and to be able to articulate what you taste and why you like what you like.

And so, we plan to change things up every so many month while keeping just a few “old friends” around… namely our Honduran (which has been with us from the very beginning) and the dark roasted Addicting Liquid Blend.

Back to the Sulawesi.  A few months ago I met a new customer who had spent some time working for the US Army in Indonesia on the island of Sulawesi.  The first time we met he told me numerous stories of his coffee exploits while he was there and that, if I ran across a good Sulawesi to be sure to pick some up – as he can’t find any in all of Cincinnati now that he’s here!

And so, when I was considering what to roast over the next few months, I decided I would find this man what he wanted.

As mentioned, Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia.  To its west is Sumatra, to the south Java and Timor, and to the east… well, I can’t remember.  This great coffee origin has been with us a long time, since the days of the Dutch East India Company.  And, just to complicate things a little bit, you will sometimes see this coffee origin named Celebes.

As with many of the coffees from Indonesia, the hallmark of Sulawesi is that it is a low-acid, big bodied, earthy coffee, albeit a little cleaner finish (in general) than most Sumatras.  If you like coffees that make big statements, Sulawesi delivers.  If you like coffees that are even a little unpredictable, you’ve found a friend.

I will leave you with this.  Here we have a coffee that traveled (literally) half way around the world to make it to our little roastery in Northern KY.  So when you’re working through placing your order this week, don’t be afraid to make a new friend.  Try the Sulawesi.

For some great information on coffees from Sulawesi, read check out the Tom Owen's Sulawesi Page on the Sweet Marias website.


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