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We love our customers!

One of the things Emily and I love most about what is happening with Carabello Coffee is the fact that we have a relationship with nearly everyone who scoops, grinds, brews and sips our coffee.  Sometimes I look down the list of people who have placed orders and think, "these are my friends, my co-workers, my neighbors... real people who love and support us!"  I remember sitting with my family in the fall of 2009 talking about this crazy coffee roasting idea I suddenly had on a plane ride.  As we talked that memorable weekend the big question that kept swirling around in my head was, "will people actually want to buy our coffee?"  Well, apparently they do, much to my surprise and pleasure.  

Emily and I often remark that it seems that doing this has been the most affirming thing we've ever experienced.  YOU have been so supportive, so encouraging, so willing to get behind the vision and see it happen.  Our hearts are full of gratitude for all the wonderful ways in which you go out of your way to be a part of this mission.  You've driven out of your way, spent extra money for postage, met us in parking lots and dark alleys, all so that we can have something to give to others.  We love the fact that you are that committed.  

Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!  We are very loved and supported.  May God richly bless each of you!    

Have you ever checked out Rohs Street Cafe in Clifton? It is one of the few cafes that we feel like serves really high quality coffee with great latte art and a great mission!  Plus we love it because we met there on a blind date :)  They just put hand painted mugs out for sale and we couldn't resist!

We had a great trip to Muncie Alliance Church-which runs World Alliance Coffee, and checked out their headquarters.

We had a great trip to Muncie Alliance Church-which runs World Alliance Coffee, and checked out their headquarters.  Everyone was very hospitable, and we walked away with lots to think about!



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