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Coffee Review Set to Cup New Rwanda CoE #17 and Burundi A+ Kayanza

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I am very excited to tell you that Kenneth Davids of Coffee Review has decided to review our Rwanda Cup of Excellence #17 Lot and new Burundi A+ Kayanza Bourbon coffees in his May coffee review.  If Kenneth Davids and Coffee Review are new to you, let me just say that it was his book called Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival that I read when I first began to roast.  He is widely considered an authority in the coffee industry and a credible voice in the specialty coffee scene.

Every month he reviews coffees on his website  Each review is focused on specific types of coffees.  Roasters and coffee lovers from all over the world nominate coffees that they would like him to review and he chooses 40 coffees to include cup in each.  He then blogs about the top 10 coffees.  When I saw that he will be reviewing coffees from Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania this May, I decided that I had nothing to lose if I nominated these two coffees.  When I got his response that we had been chosen I was very excited!

Many people (consumers and coffee industry folk alike) look to his reviews to find great coffees and to read about roasters who are producing something exceptional.  A favorable review could suddenly garner us some attention from people who've never heard of us.

So, next week I'll be roasting up samples of both coffees and submitting them for his cupping.  May 10 he will unveil the review and we'll see how we did - or didn't so!

All that to say, it's exciting just to be included!

Introducing Burundi A+ Kayanza Bourbon

This week we are unveiling a new coffee that will be sure to become a favorite for many of you.  Back in December I was looking for a coffee that was exceptional and my broker said,

[caption id="attachment_731" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The New Burundi A+ Kayanza Bourbon Hits Shelves"][/caption]

"You have to try this new Burundi we have; it's phenomenal."  On his recommendation I gave it a whirl, and I am sure glad I did!  Burundi is a tiny land-locked country in East Africa that borders Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania.  From what I'm told, this year marks the first crop of true specialty grade coffee that Burundi has produced.  It is very similar in taste profile to Rwanda, but has a beautiful complexity and a mix of savory and sweet flavors that make for a delightful cup.  What I like about it is that it's a pretty bold flavor profile, which is probably owing to the bourbon (pronounced burr-BOHN) varietal.  Bourbon is big in flavor and this coffee definitely will get your attention if you like something that is rich.  Expect a great mix of fruity sweetness and chocolaty spice.

Coffee Nova v. 2 Beginning to Fill Up

On April 21, 2012 we will be hosting our second coffee tasting event of the year.  As of now, there are two spots left at the 10AM session and the 12Noon session is still wide open.  For those of you who want to do something fun and educational around coffee, this event will be a great time.  We will be examining the effects of brewing method on the taste we experience in the cup.  Read more about Coffee Nova v.2 here.

Shopping Cart on the Way

We are working hard to get a shopping cart up and running soon.  Sorry if you saw a million facebook updates...we were unaware that each time we worked on the store it put an automatic facebook status update.  OOPS!  We will soon carry green coffee, roasted coffee, t-shirts and more available for online purchase and nationwide shipping.  Hooray!


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