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Coffee Update!

I’m thrilled to announce that, to date, we have helped the Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) at Miami Valley Christian Academy raise more than $1,000 this school year – all from people drinking Carabello Coffee!  It’s so cool to see our vision for this business actually working.

Every two weeks Misty (our faithful “coffee elf”) delivers the coffee that parents have ordered to their children’s classroom.  The kids then tote it home to mom and dad in their book bags.  It’s a great little system.  Every bag earns FAB $2, which means that Misty has delivered over 500 bags of coffee this year alone!

Go Misty!!!  And Go FAB coffee drinkers!  Thank you for being willing to go the extra mile to make your coffee dollars count.

You’re Drinking Coffee Where?  A few weeks ago I sent out a text message letting people know that I was roasting and that they should get their orders in if they wanted something.   I get a text back from one of our customers that say, “Right now I’m drinking coffee in Costa Rica.”  Costa Rica?  “Lucky,” I think to myself.  As if that wasn’t cool enough, she ended up bringing me some coffee back as a gift – nice touch!  Drinking it reminded me of how great Costa Rican coffee can be and that I should probably get some in here this year.

Then, this past weekend a customer shows up at the café with some coffee he brought back from Colorado for me.  Apparently he was at a coffee shop outside of Boulder and thought if his poor old coffee roaster back home in KY.  Thanks Gary!  I brewed some up over the weekend and it ended up having a nice chocolate note to it.  It’s always fun to try another roaster’s coffee and be able to see what they’re doing.

As if that’s not enough, at our tasting on Saturday one of the couples tells me that they’re heading to Hawaii this week and that they’re going to bring me back some Kona.  Apparently when it rains it pours, even when it comes to bringing back some coffee for your coffee roaster.

So… if you’re traveling this year and happen upon a great coffee roaster in some part of the world… think of me.

Coffee Nova v.2 A Blast

This past Saturday one of the Coffee Nova participants paid us a nice compliment when he said, “This reminds me how much I enjoy educating people about coffee.”  He just happens to be a barista at Coffee Emporium who was invited to come along with a friend.  I thought it was cool that he enjoyed it.

He is the second barista from another café to join us for one of these events and I think it’s great to see that we’re doing something with these events that other places haven’t jumped on yet.  Also in attendance was a man who is preparing to open a new café in NKY.  He was in to check out our coffee and to get a feel for what we do.

So, time to begin planning Coffee Nova v. 3!  I think this time we’ll explore the effects of roast level on taste by taking a two or three coffees and roasting each of them to three different places in the roast spectrum: light, medium and dark.  Keep your eyes peeled.


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