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Online Store Operational!

Online Store!
We will finally have a working online store and shopping cart on our website!  This will definitely revolutionize the way we take orders, so, hold onto your hats.  At some point we will begin to move everyone to ordering online, which will greatly simplify all these emails flying around.  So... Imagine it's 12:30AM.  You're laying in bed, tossing and turning, wondering why you and can't seem to fall asleep.  Then it hits you... you're about to run out of Carabello Coffee.  You roll over, reach for your Smartphone, pull up our website and place an order... immediately peace fills the room.  You smile, put the phone down and are sound asleep in three minutes.
We also hope to create a system for getting regular customers moved into subscriptions where you can set up how much coffee you'd like to receive and how often.  That way, it can be on auto-pilot and you can spend your brain power on more important things!
We will continue to tweak things with shipping, adding product and other details, but for now, we are relieved that it is actually working.  It was a looooooot of work!
Customer Choice! 
It's one of those times of the year when we need to make some choices on some new coffees.  We've just roasted the last of the Ethiopian Sidamo has our supply of Peru and Sulawesi are dwindling down.  Aiming to please where possible, we are very interested to know what YOU would like us to have on hand.
Is there a particular coffee we've offered in the past that really struck a chord and you'd like us to bring back?  Is there an origin you love that we have not carried in a while?  If so, let us know and we will see what we can land our hands on.
Keep a few things in mind... 1) Not all coffees are available at all times of the year.  2) Just because we can find a coffee from a particular origin doesn't mean we can find one that meets our standards at this particular time.  E.g., last year's Guatemala was amazing, but it's not an automatic that right now there's one that's worth roasting out there.
All that said, we truly want to hear from you.  So, don't be shy!  I will say that, last week we roasted a sample of a new Ethiopian Harrar and then pulled some espresso shots that blew our minds.  Imagine throwing some fresh blueberries in a blender and pulverizing them.... now simmer them up a bit on the stove and pour it into an espresso cup.  No joke... it was that epic (as the kids say).  I'm pretty sure we'll be bringing that one in soon!

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