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Toddy Cold Brew to be Unveiled at Anderson Market

This Saturday at the Anderson Farmers Market we will unveil our new Toddy Cold Brew Iced Coffee to the public.  At this point you're probably wondering, "What's a Toddy Cold Brew?"  Good question.  Toddy is a brand.  Cold brew is a brewing method.  I included a photo of our commercial Toddy brewer doing its thing in our basement fridge.

Most commonly, there were two main ways people brewed iced coffee.  One is to brew it double strength and then dilute it by pouring it over ice.  The other is to brew it normal strength and then chill it in the fridge until it was cold.  Both worked, and people seemed to gravitate to one method or the other based on their preferences.

But people have rediscovered the Toddy system, hence the revolution in iced coffee.  People are calling it "Toddy," but that's really like saying, "Could you hand me a Kleenex" when you are in need of a tissue.  While I don't think the cold brew method is "new," it is, nevertheless, the latest iced coffee fad.  And since iced coffee only gets the spotlight once a year, iced coffee folks are eating this one up.

The major distinction of this new brewing method is that the grounds steep in cold water over a long period of time - 12+ hours.  Because the water is cold and not hot, it extracts the flavors very slowly and a bit differently.  Here's where things get molecular... Cold water does not have the ability to extract the higher acidic attributes inside the coffee.  Since I'm not Bill Nye the Science guy, I'm not going to attempt explaining that one!  But, because of the cold water extraction, this type of iced coffees is bolder, smoother and tends to bring out the lower toned flavors in the coffees.  In fact, the results can be very fascinating.

So, Saturday at the Anderson Farmers Market from 9A - 1PM we'll be serving up the Toddy.  And since it's supposed to get into the 90s, I'm thinking the timing is going to be pretty good.

To learn more about the Toddy, or to brew it at home, check out their website:



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