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Portland Day 3 and beanarino's

Today we decided to go to Multnomah Falls and check out the Columbia River Gorge.  It rained on and off all day, but I guess that's to be expected in the Northwest.  We googled coffee roasters on the route there, and found EdenWay Coffee, a philanthropic coffee roaster who is helping in Thailand.  So, we thought we'd stop by and get a cup of coffee there and find out how they are doing their business.  However, when we arrived at the doorstep of an industrial warehouse we discovered they are not a cafe at all, but a strictly roasting business.  The roaster Alison was very kind, and showed us around her roasting equipment.  As well as sending us home with a bag of her Thai coffee, which we look forward to drinking.

One thing I can say about Portland is-the coffee industry has been very quick to give us free coffee, and that is really nice of them!

We tried a little local coffee cart called Beanarinos, but when we drove looked sketchy, so we ordered a bottle of water instead.  Ha!

We headed to the falls, and really enjoyed the time out in nature, even if the rain forced us to have a picnic in our car in a parking lot ;)  We ordered an espresso from the tourist place that was serving a local coffee roaster.  It was the most disgusting thing we have ever tasted, and it went right in the trash.  Bleh! Not the roaster's fault...definitely poor extraction.

When we went to look for dinner, we drove by a place that sounded cute called Mr. Green Beans.  When we went in, we ironically discovered it was not a restaurant at all, but a store for home roasters to buy green coffee beans to roast at home, and all the gear and classes to go with it!  So, we had a good time talking to them about home roasting and geeking out about coffee things.  The owner's daughter gave us some paper flowers to take with us :) and they suggested we eat dinner at Lovely's Fifty Fifty where we got a most delicious oven fired pizza. 








We attempted to go to Pacific Rim Roasters as well as Heart Roasters, but they were both closed when we arrived.  Perhaps tomorrow!


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Yay, I’m famous! ;o) So lovely to have met y’all when you stumbled into our shop with your fun orange jackets! Totally loving your blog and looking forward to reading about more adventures!

(Brittany at Mr. Green Beans. I was the pink flower holder in the picture there. :o)

Posted by Brittany on June 22, 2012

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