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Incredible Bikes and Coffee

Two of our favorite things in this world are bikes and coffee...and Portland pretty much is the mecca of them both.  Will someone please buy this for me for Christmas???  No, seriously-I am plotting to figure out how I could own one of these in the future.  We would love to offer a neighborhood coffee delivery service on it and I'd love to sell gourmet popsicles out of it!  There are stores out here that sell the most incredible cargo bikes, bikes with 2 kids in a sweet wooden this:

I love them!  You can't find anything like this in Cincinnati!  Perhaps someday! :)

Yesterday we visited Trailhead Roasters who delivers all their coffee in Portland by bike and who goes to special events to serve pour over coffee on this sweet bike below.  All the things on top are stored inside the wooden part and taken out when parked at the event.  It's so beautiful!


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