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Roaster Mania!

It has been an unbelievably wonderful trip so far, and we had the best time today kayaking on a lake in front of this mountain!  Seriously-visiting Mt. Hood should be on your bucket list to visit.  It is the only place in the U.S. where you can ski year round.  Only 15 minutes after kayaking in shorts and sandals, we were up on the ski slopes throwing snowballs.  Great fun!

We had a chance to visit Coava Coffee, and it was a really different experience.  The whole store was extremely minimalistic.  No merchandise other than 9 oz. bags of coffee.  No color on the bags of coffee, no signage, etc.  They only serve pour over coffee as ordered, or espresso based drinks.  No tea, no chai, no juice, and no flavor options.  Another thing about Portland is that they never give you a lid or a straw on to go cups.  It's all about being green here, and those things are really unnecessary.  Because each cup is made and you have to wait, many coffee places give you a glass of water while you wait.  I really like this, and wish Cincy did that!  It's nice to clear your palette before you taste the coffee anyway.



Justin was like a kid in a candy shop when we stumbled upon Stumptown Coffee's Roastery and they let him take a picture with the giant roaster.  (He happened to be wearing his shirt with the same machine on it)  This machine roasts 120 pounds at once!!  It's absolutely mammoth.  We are holding bags with mini pies in them from a cute little food cart called The Pie Spot, which I fell in love with :)  So many new coffee ideas to process and figure out what to do with!  We head to Seattle tomorrow, and I'm sure we'll go to the first Starbucks ever at Pike's Place, since it seems fitting on this coffee tour.


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