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First Starbucks!

We HAD to visit the first Starbucks in Seattle and take an obligatory picture my Carabello Coffee shirt of course :)  No really, we are thankful for businesses like Starbucks that have brought coffee into the daily lives of so many Americans!  Yesterday was fabulous-we got to visit one of our brokers-Atlas coffee at their cupping lab which I will actually let Justin write about, since I know he'll have more profound things to say than I would.  But, I have to give a shout out to a guy who works there named Drew.  Such a small world....he graduated from Taylor University, where I graduated from in Indiana, learned roasting at World Alliance Coffees in Muncie, where we went and visited earlier this spring, and knows a lot of mutual people!  He even played the clarinet at TU...which I did too.  So, that was pretty cool-he's with Justin below.  We even know the same coffee farmer in crazy is that?  






Last night we stayed in a treehouse and it was AMAZING.  We just sat and stared out the huge windows at the forest and thought and thought...Portland and Seattle have given us MUCH to think about for our coffee business!


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