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Sick. But surviving.

[caption id="attachment_995" align="alignright" width="300"] The orphanage pet parrot and a great boy named Ozzy[/caption]

This is Emily...I started getting sick at 5 pm last night and it was a loooong night.  We were scheduled to have Justin preach at a church service 2 hours away in Jalapa, Nicaragua and then go to the 23 acres that the workers of the orphanage are beginning to farm and finish with another church service at 3.  But, when I considered being in the car for 4 hours, I knew that wasn´t a good idea.  So, I made the difficult decision to stay back alone at the hotel.  I definitely made the right decision so far!  I slept for a long time, and have spent my time laying very still, drinking gatorade, and reading until now.  I´m going to attempt a very exciting lunch of plain rice and see how that goes.  Justin got back safely from his two day adventure up into the Miskito Indian people.  There were about 70 pastors at the conference, and they were all also there to pick up food to take back to feeding centers.  The feeding centers are an extension of what Pastor Carlos who runs the orphanage and several other ministries are combining to do.  The centers allow children to come a few times a week to get a meal and bring some home to their families.  One pastor rode his horse for 7 hours and then a bus for 2 hours to come and get this food for his community.  The impact this food is having is very important, but we hope that someday so many people in Nicaragua won´t be going hungry!

Yesterday was a great day until I started getting sick!  We finished our little mural (kept simple so all ages could help), and we read the Spanish version of two children´s books.  They don´t have any books that I can see at the orphanage, and I hope we can change that over time.  They really loved the books!  We made artwork to go with these books, and had an all out waterballoon war.  They are INSANE about waterballons.  The word for them I believe is chimbombas which is a great word!

Tomorrow we are supposed to go up to the coffee farm that we have visited in the past to cup coffee.  We hope to take the others on our team so they can experience this also.  Then, we hope to spend the rest of the day doing more art and games with the kids.  Even though I feel pretty yucky, I am still thankful to be here, and I am hoping I won´t have to miss any more of the trip!


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