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My AeroPress Adventures

One would think that traveling in a coffee producing nation like Nicaragua means an endless supply of great cups of coffee at every turn.  Wrong.  Not make much sense to you?  I thought the same way until I learned that, since coffee is the livelihood for so many of these people, they sell off all of their good coffee and keep what they cannot sell to drink for themselves.

I had to learn the hard way that, if I want to enjoy a good cup of coffee down here I have to basically bring it with me.   Enter my compact Hario hand grinder, some fresh beans from home and a trusted AeroPress.  All that fits easily into two gallon sized plastic bags, meaning all I need to find down here is some boiling water and I am in business!

The other day Dan and I traveled nearly all the way across Nicaragua to a city called New Guinea.  While there we did a conference for pastors on marriage (my next post) and enjoyed making coffee for the locals.  This photo is taken in the rustic but common kitchen that adjoins the church as one of the hermanas (sisters) helped me boil water and make coffee.  Nicaraguans looked on with big smiles as we made "cafe Americano" for them... that is, until they tasted it.

Nicaraguans like their coffee weak and muy dulce (very sweet).  So half the fun is watching their lips pucker and their facial expressions when they taste a much stronger cup of coffee than they are used to.   There is usually lots of laughing, especially on the part of Nicaraguans as they watch each of their friends try this strong tasting coffee.  Every time someone tries it and makes a face they all start laughing and carrying on.  Then they look for the next "victim."

Tons of fun and one of the small pleasure on a trip such as this one.


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