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Heading home!

We catch a flight home today at 2 pm.  Well, as long as it isn't cancelled like last year.  We really need it to be on time, because we have a huge coffee order to start fulfilling at 6 am tomorrow morning, and I have pops to make for the market.  So, we'd appreciate your prayers that travel goes well today!

Last night we ventured out in a taxi into Managua, and discovered the nicest restaurant we'd found here, and truly enjoyed a nice meal together.  We talked over the trip, and it was agreed by all that we made a good team, were easy to travel with, and enjoyed the way the trip had played out!  We were so fortunate-it never rained, it wasn't too hot-actually cooler than in Kentucky!  I was the only one who ever got sick, no one was injured, and we survived the crazy driving here.  The cars literally get about 6 inches from the back of a motorcycle and then pass them.  I usually close my eyes.

We hit the ground running tomorrow morning!  We have a large order to roast, label, bag, grind, and ship out by Tuesday, and then we will be heading out for a quick weekend trip to Justin's sister's wedding.  whew!  Justin will try to write one more post today, and I will try to upload more photos when we get home from out trip, but we hope you have enjoyed following what God has done on this trip!  Thanks for reading!


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