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Fall is on the way!

With the start up of school right around the corner, my wife and I keep looking at each other and wondering where the summer went!  It seems last we checked, it was June 1st and we were making plans for riding our bike, gardening and lots of lazy days.  Apparently we were living in a dream land!  While we are getting some nice tomatoes about now and have been enjoying lots of good home grown eggplant, zucchini and fresh herbs, the cooler temperatures as of late have come at that time when we begin to think of lesson planning and in-service days.  So... here is to hoping that we can all squeeze just a little more out of "the hottest summer on record," and get in a few more bike rides and lazy summer afternoons!  (A guy can dream can't he?!)

New Ethiopian Dry Process on the Horizon

Never fear Ethiopian dry-process coffee lovers, I am doing my best to source us something excellent and fruity-licious in the near future.  As you will remember, we had the Queen City Harrar last year that was out of this world.  And, while I could go that route again this year, I am a sucker for finding something new (if I can pull it off).  Dry process coffees are hands down my favorite when it comes to the richness and complexity of their flavor, and I love the idea of finding something that makes us all smile just a little wider than we did last year - if that's possible.  All that to say, keep your eyes peeled!

Tres Fincas, The Story

A few weeks ago we introduced our new signature blend, Tres Fincas.  Things were flying by so fast that I feel like I did not really do this new coffee justice, and so I'm back to say a little more about it.  When we set out to work on a blend that really epitomizes what we want our brand to represent, we knew we had to find coffees that were "relationship coffees."  So, we started with our friend Luis' farm in Nicaragua and said, "Hands down, coffee from Finca Un Regalo de Dios must be the base."  With that in mind, we set out to find a few more coffees that would pair well with his to create a distinct melange of aroma and flavor.  Hence the blend has coffee from three farms, or, en Espanol, "Tres Fincas."

Honestly, sales of Tres Fincas have started out a little slow, and I blame myself, not the coffee.  I don't think I took enough time to introduce you to it.  Or, maybe you're just sick of reading these dang blog posts!  Either way, I think you'll like where this blend is heading.

This past week I tweaked the roast profile on a few of the coffees and think that we are now starting to dial this one in.  When roasting a blend, things work very differently than when roasting a single origin.  For one thing, we're dealing with three separate coffees.  Therefore, as we alter how we roast each coffee we essentially can change the flavor profile of the entire blend (for good or for bad).  So, dealing with a blend is certainly more intricate in terms of finding the right balance point for each coffee.

In this coffee I really want to create something that is approachable by a wide spectrum of people.  So, call it a "crowd pleaser" if you like, it's really engineered to be the type of coffee that all types of coffee drinkers try and say, "Hey, that's some good tasting stuff."  It's not too adventurous, but it's far from being blasé or plebian.

Next coffee order consider throwing in a bag of the Tres Fincas and let me know what you think.  I'd sure love your feedback!

A Nice Roaster Compliment

The past week I received one of the nicest compliments a roaster from the Midwest can get these days.  A fairly new customer of ours who moved here from Seattle had just returned from paying her family a visit back West and said, "I have been enjoying your coffee so much I didn't even bring any back from Seattle this time!"  With Seattle being the home of Starbucks and the epicenter of the early specialty coffee revolution, there truly is a ton of excellent coffee out there.  As it turns out, she had been regularly having a friend ship her coffee until she ran across ours at Green Dog Cafe a few months ago.  The rest, apparently, is now history!


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