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Martha Stewart Almost Drank Our Coffee

A few weeks ago, at about 3PM in the afternoon, I got a sudden email with the subject line, "Urgent: Can You Deliver Decaf by 4PM?"  A friend and customer who works in food service gave no other details but that she needed decaf coffee by 4PM for a client.  I was roasting coffee at the time and had no way to shut down my operation to get it to her.  I wrote back, said I couldn't help her and apologized.  End of story.  That is, until I saw her a the market this weekend.

Turns out Martha Stewart was in town for meetings with P&G big wigs and our friend was providing some catered fare for their meeting.  Decaf was requested and she wanted to get our decaf to pass the lips of America's Diva of Domesticity (Hey, I just made that up).  So, she hurriedly contacted us.

Now, had she told me that it was for Martha Stewart and her P&G big shots, you had better believe I would have been all over that - "Yes, I'll personally deliver!"  But apparently she was not allowed to share that tiny tidbit of key information for security reasons.  And so, our near miss with Ms. Stewart.

Carabello Coffee To Be Sold at Newtown Farm Market

This past week we finalized the details and will soon begin selling our coffee at the Newtown Farm Market on Round Bottom Road in Anderson Township.  We are very excited to expand our distribution on that side of town and to work with the guys there.  We will be the exclusive coffee brand they carry and as such will have a great opportunity to build our brand with their clientele.

If you are not familiar with this market, take a moment to check out their website.  They are a great spot for fresh and local produce, homemade pies, gift baskets and lots of other goodies, many of them local to Ohio.  We expect to host a few tasting in October and get the ball rolling.  We'll keep you posted!

Africa Project Earns first Returns

This past weekend we launched The Africa Project and earned our first proceeds for the work of East Africa Zeraphath Ministries: $44.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but I refuse to despise small beginnings!  After all, we sold all 6 bags we took to the market, some more you guys and then some more at another event Saturday morning.  Right there is enough money to sponsor a child for an entire month!

Then on Sunday we sat down for lunch with Peb and Lori Smith, founders of EAZ, who are in town for a week.  We heard about some of the recent news from Peb's September trip to Kenya and got to share our heart about helping them.

I truly believe that this is a project worth our attention and hope that, over time, you will all choose to try the coffee and support this from time to time.  As we continue to develop things I will share them with you.  Looks like a trip to Kenya could be on the 2013 horizon, but i'm just not sure yet.  I'll let you know!

Don't Overlook the Sumatra Peaberry

For some reason, I think perhaps the timing of when I introduced it, the Sumatra Peaberry seems to be getting overlooked.  Of course, it is a very unusual coffee that is not for everyone.  But I want to make the case for trying it if you have managed to avoid it up until now.

For one, it is a Peaberry, which means that it took quite a lot of extra steps to sort all those tiny beans out!  And because of the attention to sorting that is inherent to Peaberry lots, it is a higher grade with fewer defects.  Secondly, the coffee is an incredibly clean tasting cup for an Indonesian coffee - especially from Sumatra.  That truly is rare.  Finally, the combination of rustic earthiness and a very distinct, almost root beer type sweetness is so interesting and unusual that it is not likely you will get this kind of taste sensation any time soon in another coffee.

So, if you've been majoring on the Central American side of our offering for a while, let this be the week that you cross the Pacific.


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