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Coffee falls from the sky

This past weekend, one of our regulars at the Anderson Farmers Market relayed quite a funny dream to us.  She was an ardent lover of the Organic Peru coffee we had a while back and has been mourning the loss of that coffee ever since we ran out of it earlier in the summer.  This past Friday night she had a dream.  In the dream she was coming to the market and saw a bag of the Peru coffee coming down from the sky, elating her to no end!  So, when she got to the market she scoured our table looking for a bag of Peru,  convinced that we may have found one that we had forgotten about having.  It made for quite a laugh as we all enjoyed her story of the dream... and the fact that no coffee had actually fallen out of the sky.

I love the personal connection we have with may of you and the fact that the coffee has been the means to a relationship.  Thank you for sharing your lives (and dreams) with us!

Carabello Coffee to be Sold at Newtown Farm Market

Beginning in a few weeks, Carabello Coffee will be the exclusive coffee sold at the Newtown Farm Market on Round Bottom Road in Anderson Township.  We look forward to this new relationship and for the opportunity to expand our retail presence in Anderson.  If you have not been the the Newtown Farm Market lately, you should really get over there and check it out.  It has new owners that are going to expand it to a year round market beginning this year.  They are carrying a good amount of local products and their specialty is fresh produce.  Between this new location and Keegans specialty Seafood on Salem, we will now have both sides of Anderson covered.

Of course, for those of you who can, we still prefer you order and buy your coffee directly through us whenever possible as is puts more money into our charitable efforts!  But it's good to have these retail outlets when you need them!

Meet Our New Decaf - Colombia Huila "Monserrate" 

I am really excited to share our newest Swiss Water Process decaf with you.  It is a beautifully balanced Colombian from the Monserrate producer group in the Huila region.  As with all of our decafs, this coffee was first rate before it went to the decaf mill, which is the key to producing a good cup of decaf.  Good in, good out.  Junk in, junk out.  You get the idea.  Many decafs leave a lot to be desired as far as communicating any real coffee flavor.  They can easily come out flat and lifeless.

What strikes me about this cup is the full and rich coffee flavor.  It's no secret that Colombian coffee has the potential to produce a depth and range of flavor that is exceptional, and this coffee achieves what most decafs can only hope to be.  It is lush and full-bodied, with a very nice red berry note in the cup.  It is very balanced and complete.  SO decaf lovers, get ready for something new that will definitely be putting a smile on your face!

Look for Our Edible and Domestica Magazine Ads This Month

This month we will be placing our first advertisements in Edible Ohio and Domestica Magazines.  If you are not familiar with these two publications, we will be distributing each of them with your orders once they hit the street.  They are both great magazines celebrating the locavore and local food movements and we are grateful for their partnership.  Domestica will be running a story about us in November, and we are really excited about that!

New Shipment of Nicaragua Coffee Hits NJ Port

This past week I just got word that our newest shipment of Luis' coffee has landed in the port of NJ.  Once the paper work goes through we will be able to have it shipped to Florence, all 1500lbs of it!  This is going to be a really exciting thing that I'll be talking more about in the coming weeks.  Up to now we've been drinking a pre-shipment lot of his coffee that we've purchased through our US broker.  But these 10 bags will be coming to us directly from his farm - which is a true first for us.  The bags will even have our Carabello Coffee logo imprinted on them - how sweet is that!?

Coolest thing of all is that this 1500lbs of coffee has been donated to us by Luis so that we can take the combined profits (his and ours) and put them into a joint project.  In so doing, we are both truly working together, which is what I'm most excited about.  As I said, more on that in coming posts.

Customer Referral Program

Know someone you believe would truly value the quality and mission of our coffee?  If so, we would love to help you introduce them to it by supplying you with a sample bag you can preset them.  Lately I've been pondering just how much of our business has come to us through existing customers who share their love for our coffee and mission with their friends.  I've thought about how we could roll out some kind of formal referral program, but for now, if you know someone who you believe could be a potential customer, let me know and we will get you some coffee for them on the house!


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