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Coffee Floats Create Buzz at Metropole

Metropole_Coffee_FloatThis past week I was delivering coffee to Metropole on Walnut at the 21C Hotel, one of Cincinnati's newest upscale eateries, when I got a little surprise.  It was a Carabello Coffee Ice Cream Float, made for me by Catherine, one of their lunch time bartenders.

The ingredients: Our cold-brewed Guatemalan, sweetened with simple syrup and poured over house made smoked vanilla ice cream.

Uh, hello!  It was AMAZING! And I was thrilled to sit down and enjoy the moment.

If you have not yet been, this is one of the most fascinating new restaurants in Cincinnati.  The concept is that everything is cooked over an open hearth - i.e., a live fire.  Smoke flavor and fire are at the center of everything.  When you walk in you see the fire with all these meats hanging from racks and cooking atop grates.  They also smoke  and cure their own meats, pickle their own veggies and pretty much serve up some tantilizingly delicious stuff.  The cold smoked red grapes have to be one of my favorites so far, as well as the shaved brussel sprouts with toasted almonds and some crazy kind of cheese.

Lunch is Served
Metropole_Lunch_MenuThis past week they they began serving lunch (See their Lunch Menu).  Included are three Carabello Coffee centric beverages: Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee, Vietnamese Coffee and a Coffee Ice Cream Float.  It is such an honor to work with Chef Michael Paley and his staff to bring great coffee to a restaurant of this caliber.

So be sure to get Metropole on your list of places to eat in 2013, and tell them you love Carabello Coffee when you go!

Read More
Edible Ohio Valley Magazine. just did a nice story on Chef Michael Paley and Metropole.  See pages 16-17 in the latest issue.


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