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Introducing Our New Organic Bolivia

Introducing Our New Fair Trade Organic Bolivia

This week we unveil our newest coffee, a Fair Trade Organic Bolivia from the Amor de Dios washing station.  This is the first time we have had a Bolivian coffee.  I was fortunate enough to visit that land-locked country back in 2005.  While there for a conference, I was able to travel to a virgin rain forest.  It was a place unlike any I have ever seen.  So lush, so mysterious, so untouched by the hand of man.  Sharing this coffee with you kind of takes me back to some of those memories.  For the past two weeks this coffee has been served at Metropole downtown in the 21C Hotel and it is getting really great reviews from staff and guests. 

I will tell you is that this will be one supremely enjoyable coffee.  For one, it has all the liveliness and complex sweetness you can only expect from a fresh crop coffee.  Over time, all coffees begin to flatten out, which is why we tend not to keep them around too long.  We want you to enjoy them when they are at their finest.  Plus it is a fair trade organic, which means you will feel that much better about yourself:)  And, on top of that, the washing station where it was processed is called Amor de Dios (love of God).  I don't know the story on that, but it makes me smile.  Bolivia "Love of God" has a nice ring to it. 

In terms of the coffee in the cup, this is a bourbon varietal, which means big in flavor.  Expect a very balanced coffee with a beautiful cherry note in the center.  The mouthfeel is silky and rounded.  We have had some time to roast this and find what we believe to be the sweet spot, the place where the coffee is really shining and showing its best character - in our opinion, of course.  
Order in our online store and enjoy!  You will not be disappointed. 

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We are enjoying the May Coffee of the Month – Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya and can’t wait to try this Bolivian coffee in our next shipment!

Keep the excellent coffee coming Carabellos… it brings a smile to our faces knowing that we’ll have superb coffee waiting for us at beginning of each new day! The Scudders are definitely hooked!

Posted by Margie Scudder on May 05, 2013

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