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Order & Pickup at Gigi's and Freedom Gear Cyclery

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Carabello Coffee is officially done at the Anderson and Madeira Farmers Markets for the 2013 season.  

While it has been a great season at both markets, we are naturally sad to see it come to a close, knowing we will miss seeing many of you from week to week.  We love developing relationships at our markets and love each and every one of you who have spent time at our booth sharing stories, geeking out about coffee, buying Bello's Bike Pops and just having a good old fun time. 

Now it is time to transition your buying patterns to the off-season.  And we have arranged partnerships with local businesses close to each market venue where you can pick up your weekly or bi-weekly coffee orders!  

New Pickup Locatons  
There are two new places you can pick up your coffee orders, each being close to one of our summer farmers markets.  

  1. Madeira Market Peeps:  Gigi's Cupcakes of Kenwood - 7940 Hosbrook Road, Cincinnati, OH  45243 (Right next to Hopple Stationary off of Montgomery Road).

  2. Anderson Market Peeps:  Freedom Gear Cyclery of Anderson - 7695 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255 (in the Panera Bread plaza).

Both locations are prepared to begin allowing you to pick up coffee orders this week, so, let us know what you need!  

New Order Procedures 
There are two ways you can place an order for coffee.  

  1. Respond to our weekly email and let us know which coffees you would like and where you would like to pick them up.  To respond you must be subscribed.  Subscribe at the bottom right of our homepage.  

  2. Order online in our webstore and select the appropriate "Local Pickup" free shipping option for the location at which you would like to pick up your order.  

Once we receive your order, we will write you and coordinate when your coffee will be ready for pickup.  

Present Roasting Schedule

Right now we are roasting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, then delivering on Thursdays and Fridays.  In most cases, if your order is in by Tuesday at 12Noon, you will be able to pickup your coffee later that week.  In the event that you place an order after we have roasted or delivered, we will get your coffee to you after our next roast date.

If you choose to order by responding to our weekly email, please be prepared to pay for your coffee when you pick it up. If you order online, you will have already paid and will be able to simply walk in, grab your coffee and go.  


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